Doctor Who "Yatzee" 50th Anniversay Edition


Rolling dice is fun. So is poker. That's why everyone loves Yahtzee - it combines the best of both worlds. Well, let's all travel through timey-wimey stuff and gaze upon this new version, just in time for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. It's called Doctor Who Yahtzee and it's exactly what you'd expect it to be: Yahtzee with a Doctor Who blast of flavor.
First, the dice of Doctor Who Yahtzee feature six of the Doctor's most villainous villains. But that's not the best part. The best part is the TARDIS dice cup. It's a big TARDIS container, which you can use to store the game or all sorts of other goodies. It'll look great on your desk, and you'll be able to bust out Doctor Who Yahtzee whenever you need it. Buy it for the game, love it for the TARDIS.
Doctor Who Yahtzee
• For Ages 8 and up.
• Play the classic dice game with a healthy dose of Doctor Who.
• In celebration of the good Doctor's 50th Anniversary.
• Dice feature 6 of Doctor's Who's most notorious villains (Robot Mummy, The Silence, Weeping Angel, Sontaran, Cyberman, and Dalek).
• Dice feature printed images - no cheapo stickers here.
• And the dice shaker looks like the TARDIS!!
• Includes: TARDIS dice shaker, 5 dice, one little pencil, score pad, and instructions.
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