McVitie's Original Digestives


 McVitie's Original Digestive

McVitie’s Digestives have always reigned supreme as the perfect partner for the great British cup of tea in their country of origin. Made from a blend of wheat flour and wholemeal, they have all the goodness of wheat and many people have discovered wonderful new uses such as a great base for a cheesecake! Go to our recipes page to read all about the delicious ideas.

McVitie’s Digestives contain no artificial flavours or colours, and no hydrogenated fat. Made with sunflower oil, the McVitie’s Digestive is now much better for you with 50% less saturated fat. And with its crumbly texture, original flavour and satisfying nature you’ll find yourself having more than you intended with a lot less guilt.

type: Biscuits by: McVities
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